Jan 16, 2011


tomorrow is the beginning of the 3rd week of school for this year. but, I don't feel like I'm in the 3rd week of school at all since I have to many homework to do. 

i think, i want to give some opinions about homework.... for student like me, i love homework... but i hate to have a lot of homework.... so, to my beloved teachers, please don't give student like me too many homework because my passion towards my studies will diminish along with the increasing amount of homework...

let say if i have 7 subjects a day... and every subject i have homework... it's impossible that i can finish everything in one day... so, i have no choice but to finish my homework during weekend... if let say i have to procrastinate homework from Monday till Friday to weekend; then, what else can i do during the weekend other than doing my procrastinated work?!

if teachers say, "we give homework to make our students clever...". then, how about if we copy from our friends...? does that make any sense...?! i hate to copy from my friends... but, if i have no choice... i will...!

i will learn a lot if teachers give me a little homework.... because i'll find some other similar questions to try based on my passion on learning... 
but, i will learn nothing if teachers give me a lot of homework...! because i don't have time to complete the homework given and of course and i don't have time to try extra questions to improve my knowledge... 
that's my princple!

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