Berjaya Times Square

Yesterday I went to Berjaya Times Square (BTS) or also known as TS, Kuala Lumpur. Actually, it's not my 1st time there but I just want to share it because I don't have any other idea on what to post. Haha.

For your info, BTS is one of the biggest building (5th) and biggest shopping complex (13th) in the world. I like the design of the building. But for me, the interior design is average. They could have done better.

During weekend especially, this shopping mall will be very packed! So, if you want to visit BTS, pick a suitable date, not end of the month of course.

Cosmo's World
In BTS, I spent my time in Cosmo's World. Cosmo's World is the largest indoor theme park in malaysia. It is also one of the largest indoor theme park in asia (based on the info which i got from the internet). I really2 enjoyed all the games provided and it was full of dizziness. LOL.

update: Cosmo's World has been renamed to Berjaya Times Square Theme Park