Korean Movies

During this 2 weeks mid-term holiday, I watched two interesting korean movies. Because if not, I won't be sharing it. I think, two is enough for this holiday. If not, I'll not finish my homework and of course, I'll not study! Hahaha.

I'll continue watching more movies (not necessarily Korean) during the end-of-the-year holiday (Malaysia is not 4 season country. So, we don't have summer holiday. The longest school holiday is the end-of-the-year holiday-about 6 weeks). So, I've to wait until December! :(

I love to watch movie because sometimes we learn something from it. Be it about life, education, or anything relevant to me. Everything has its own pros and cons so that keep judging watching as an unbenificial activity. I love reading too, but so much reading makes me board. Watching movie is the alternative

okay... the 1st movie is My Sassy Girl... (for those who have not watch this movie... please do watch it... recommended...!)

2nd movie is A Millionaire's First Love... hmm... 'dont judge a book by its cover'... same goes to this movie... dont judge this movie by its poster... (sad ending... T_T dont trust me? watch it...!)