Petronas Twin Towers to the final...

good news... Petronas Twin Towers(PTT) entering the final of supertalls world cup organized by competing with many famous skyscrappers, lastly PTT reached the final by beating Empire State Building and it was a very close match... though PTT is not the tallest building in the world anymore, but the towers can attract a lot of votes from the people around the world because of its own unique identity... in the final, PTT has to beat Chrysler Building(CB) to win the title of the best supertall in the world... CB is a classic building and it's not an easy opponent... ironically, CB beats Burj Khalifa(BK) in the s/final(CB 869 : 769 BK)...

PTT from round 1 - s/final

PTT vs Leatop Plaza (619 - 78)

PTT vs The Center (890 - 85)

PTT vs Burj Al Arab (684 -282)

PTT vs Two IFC (751 - 316)

PTT vs Empire State Building (829 - 818)

Petronas Twin Towers
Chrysler Building