The Best Control Schools in Kuala Lumpur (sekolah harian)

Now, most of the standard 6 students are busy filling in the form to apply for control school and boarding school (their parents actually). So, for this post, i want to share about the best control schools that they can choose around Kuala Lumpur (sekolah harian). 

Frankly speaking, this post is not really related to the topic because I list down all control schools recognized by Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur State Education Deparment. However, as far as I'm concerned, all control schools in Kuala Lumpur have their own reputation because many of the schools were established since before and early independence period of Malaysia.

high perfomance school:
SMK Aminuddin Baki (kawalan penuh)

cluster schools:
SMK Victoria (kawalan penuh)

other schools (I'm not really sure whether these schools are good or not. But, some of the schools are quite well-known in town and performing well):
SMK Maxwell
SMK (P) Bandaraya (kawalan penuh)
SMK Puterijaya
SMK Menjalara
SMK Kiaramas
SMK Wangsa Maju Zon R1
SMK Puteri Titiwangsa
SMK Batu Muda
SMK Bukit Bandaraya
SMK Dato' Onn
SMK Desa Petaling
SMK Sungai Besi
SMK Yaacob Latif
SMK Sentul Utama
SMK Taman Connaught

Information for the parents, maybe you can fill up high performance school or cluster school as the 1st choice and the other schools as the back up plan. 

Ya, it's the fact that both high performance school and cluster school category perform really well in PMR and SPM (proves: SPM 2011 & SPM 2013). 

But, rather than your kids study in schools that are not doing really well in terms of academic, co-curriculum, and discipline; i think it's better if you admit your kids to any control schools even though it is neither high performance nor cluster school. 

Why? Because in Kuala Lumpur there are a lot of distractions, So you have to take precautionary measures in order to see you children become successful. Choosing the best place to study is one of the precautionary measures. ;)