Guidelines on Hiring of Foreign Players for the M-League...

1. Each team in the M-League can employ a maximum of TWO (2) professional Foreign Players subject to the FAM Regulations.

2. Teams participating in AFC Cup 2012 can employ one (1) extra Foreign Player, making it a total of three (3) Foreign Players, but the third Foreign Player is only allowed to play for the AFC Cup Tournament.

3. All the teams seeking to employ foreign players must seek clearance from the Vetting Committee.

4. There is no restriction as to the country of origin of the Foreign Player but subject to the Malaysian Immigration Law.

5. The Foreign Player to be selected should comply with the following playing status:-

5.1 Only Foreign Players playing in Division 2 and above are allowed from the Confederations listed below:

a) Union des associations europennes de football (UEFA)

b) Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF)

c) Confederacion of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF)

d) Confederacion Sudamericana de Futball (CONMEBOL)

5.2 Only Foreign Players playing in Division 1 are allowed from the Confederations listed below:

a) Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

b) Oceania Football Confederation (OFC

5.3 However, only current National Players from countries with world ranking higher than Malaysia’s ranking in FIFA’s World Ranking listed on 24th August 2011 is allowed to play in M-League 2012.

6. All Foreign Players to be employed must be certified medically fit and free from illnesses such as HIV Aids, Hepatitis A, B and C by a Malaysia Hospital approved by FAM or State Football Associations.

7. The Foreign Player must bring together his medical records and a copy of his contract from the previous club or loan agreement between players and the club concerned.

8. An agreement contract of minimum SIX (6) months, shall be drawn out by the Football Association of Malaysia, and will be signed between the foreign player and the State Football Association or Clubs.

9. Teams can employ a Foreign Player for a maximum of two (2) years subject to renewal based on performance at the end of the first year.

10. If the Foreign Player wants to continue playing for the same team after two (2) years, then he will have to appeal to the Vetting Committee.

11. Foreign Player who has played in one season of the M-League, either full or halfway, will not be able to play for another team in the M-League in the remainder of the season and the entire duration of the next season.

12. A minimum monthly salary of RM2,500.00 (RINGGIT MALAYSIA TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED ONLY), has been set for each Foreign Player.

13. State Football Associations are only allowed to deal regarding hiring matters with FIFA / FAM Agents or parents, lawyers, siblings, spouse of the Foreign Players.

14. The additional perks may include suitable accommodation and a car for Foreign Players.

15. The quantum for the match bonuses shall be agreed upon between the Foreign Player and the State Football Association or Club.

16. The State Football Association or Club intending to hire a Foreign Player must have a healthy budget and submit deposit to FAM for each Foreign Player hired based on the calculation below:



Total Salary (one month gross salary) x 3

17. Foreign Players who are playing or who have played in AFF South East Asian League have to complete a cooling-off period of two years, where their last Contract must have ended before or on 7th December 2009 before they can be hired by State Football Association or Club to play in M-League 2012.

18. All the Foreign Players, Team Manager, Coaches and the State Football Secretary which hires the Foreign Players will have to undergo a compulsory pre-season briefing conducted by the Vetting Committee.

19. All matters not stipulated under this guidelines, any exemption to the guideline or unforeseen circumstances and interpretation of the guidelines will be determined by the vetting committee whose decision shall be final and binding.

20. In the event of any dispute on the interpretation of these Guidelines, the decisions of the Vetting Committee of the Football Association of Malaysia shall be final.

yes...! this is a correct step to improve our national football team... the limitation of the foreign players is also a good step because all the clubs should not only depend on the foreign players... otherwise, our players will return back to the before 2009 era... 2 for the clubs which are not participating in AFC Cup Tournament and 3 for the clubs which are participating is a very good decision... so, we'll just have to wait and see the result very soon...!


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