Study Tips...

here is the study tips which i found in one of the blogs that i'm following... you can find all the blogs in my profile(dont worry i'm not following more than 20 blogs)... click one by one to see which blog i found this tips if you're that curious...

Are you ready for an exam ? If you still use your free-time to login your

Then you're not in SPM examination mode yet. You should start use your leisure time doing intensive revision.

You should STOP doing unnecessary things. Don't let ANYTHING else distract you. Put aside your

problem or whatever it is . Get busy right now.. and don't stop! Use your

to cover all the topics. Its never too late. Never give up. Do the short notes

and highlight which sections you do not understand and which one you had already mastered

a simple notes on each of the topic that you find it difficult and tick

the topics that you'd already revised. Don't stress yourself too much when doing revision. Get some :

and get some chocolate or eat

to keep yourself fresh and not moldy .Other than that you can study with

to avoid sleepiness while revising...All the best !

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.

i think, it's time for me to deactivate my fb account for a yr... and update my blog once/twice a month... but, i've to think about this first... :(