Sukan Sea/ Sea Games Jakarta-Palembang 2011...

26th Southeast Asian Games

comment from the local media...

you can see very clearly...
the men behind the raising flag were sitting during our national anthem was being sung by the supporters, players and officials from Malaysia...

no comment...

indonesia(blue) won the match...

the games will be remembered for all the wrong reasons... all the participating countries were unhappy with the accommodation, food, and logistic... while athletes from Malaysia are annoyed by the attitude of the Indonesian fans and officials for booing our national anthem... the games left much to be desired... they(indonesians) never lived up to the slogan 'united and rising'...

besides, the medal tally was somewhat dubious...
here... take a look...

2007 SEA Games medal tally...
1Thailand Thailand183123103409
2Malaysia Malaysia685296216
3Vietnam Vietnam645882204
4Indonesia Indonesia566482202
7Myanmar Myanmar14264888
8Laos Laos573244
10Brunei Brunei Darussalam1146
11East Timor Timor Leste0000
Grand Total4774705951542

2009 SEA Games medal tally...
1 Thailand (THA)868397266
2 Vietnam (VIE)837557215
3 Indonesia (INA)435374170
4 Malaysia (MAS)404059139
5 Philippines (PHI)383551124
6 Singapore (SIN)33303598
7 Laos (LAO)332552110
8 Myanmar (MYA)12223771
9 Cambodia (CAM)3102740
10 Brunei (BRU)11810
11 Timor-Leste (TLS)0033

2011 SEA Games medal tally...
1 Indonesia (INA)182151143476
2 Thailand (THA)109100120329
3 Vietnam (VIE)9692100288
4 Malaysia (MAS)595081190
5 Singapore (SIN)424573160
6 Philippines (PHI)365677169
7 Myanmar (MYA)16273780
8 Laos (LAO)9123657
9 Cambodia (CAM)4112439
10 Timor-Leste (TLS)1168
11 Brunei (BRU)04711

Thailand and Malaysia were the only countries which ranked in the top 10 of the medal tally during the Asian Games 2010... i think, that should be one of the main factors that affect the medal tally for SEA Games... not to Malaysia... but, to Thailand... because most of the athletes from Malaysia who competed in the SEA Games were the young athletes... i'm not sure about Thailand whether the athletes were elite or not... but, i think most of them were senior/elite athletes (based on the sports/events that i watched during the SEA Games 2011)...

2010 Asian Games medal tally...
1 China (CHN)*19911998416
2 South Korea (KOR)766591232
3 Japan (JPN)487494216
4 Iran (IRI)20152459
5 Kazakhstan (KAZ)18233879
6 India (IND)14173465
7 Chinese Taipei (TPE)13163867
8 Uzbekistan (UZB)11222356
9 Thailand (THA)1193252
10 Malaysia (MAS)9181441

where is Indonesia? for your info, Indonesia only managed to collect 4 gold medals... in fact, last year (2010) Malaysia athletes participated in the Commonwealth Games before departing to Asian Games in Guangzhou...

2010 Commonwealth Games medal tally...
1 Australia745548177
2 India382736101
3 England375946142
4 Canada26173275
5 Kenya12111033
5 South Africa12111033
7 Malaysia12101335
8 Singapore1111931
9 Nigeria11101435
10 Scotland910726

how come in less than a year time, Indonesia sports can improve a lot?!

hmm... lets think together...

or... is it SEA Games is only a multi-sports event for the host nations to hold the title as the overall champion...? SEA Games Federation should improve this matter... or make it as tradition. Haha