10 World's Shopping Heaven Cities

10) Madrid, Spain

9) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

8) Vienna, Austria

7) Buenos Aires, Argentine

6) Hong Kong

5) Paris, France

4) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3) London, United Kingdom

2) Tokyo, Japan

1) New York, United States of America

I do not own any of the pictures. I tried my best to find the best pictures for each city so that it will attract the tourist. This ranking was made by CNN.

To those who love shopping while travelling, I do recommend the cities above. The cities are very well developed and it is very easy for you to travel around and of course shopping.

Sometimes, it is good to shop overseas due to various reasons. You can buy something with higher quality and cheaper price in another country. Maybe because of different taxation system, lower production cost, and of course different currency rate.

Of course, you have to spend a lot more for airlines ticket and accommodation. But, in the end it depends on your own capabilities.

For those who are coming to Kuala Lumpur, I wish you Selamat Datang to the Beautiful Malaysia.