10 World's Best Low-Cost Airlines...

Low-cost airlines are very important to the world. It is because many of us want to travel around the world with a very low budget. Especially those who are in the middle and lower income category.

In Malaysia, we have Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (Malaysian Borneo) separate by South China Sea. So, airlines is the main transportation to travel between these two parts of Malaysia. But, not all of us are capable to buy the premium flight tickets. Therefore, low-cost airline is the right choice for them.

Below, are the best 10 low-cost airlines in the world which were announced during the 2012 World Airline Awards by SKYTRAX, the world's largest airline review site.

10) Indigo Airlines

9) Azul Airlines

8) Southwest Airlines

7) Jetstar Asia

6) WestJet

5) easyJet

4) AirAsia X

3) Jetstar Airways

2) Virgin America

And here we are.
The best low-cost airline in the world is...