30 World's Most Competitive Nations 2012-2013

every year, World Economic Forum will release The Global Competitiveness Report... Global Competitiveness Report is very significant since it measures a lot of important aspects such as innovation and technology, infrastructure, economy, health, education, government and so forth... so, below are the 30 most competitive countries based on the report for 2012-2013 edition...

30) Iceland

29) China

28) Brunei Darussalam

27) Ireland

26) Israel

25) Malaysia

24) United Arab Emirates

23) New Zealand

22) Luxembourg

21) France

20) Australia

19) Republic Of Korea

18) Saudi Arabia

17) Belgium

16) Austria

15) Norway

14) Canada

13) Taiwan(Republic Of China)

12) Denmark

11) Qatar

10) Japan

9) Hong Kong, SAR

8) United Kingdom

7) United States

6) Germany

5) Netherlands

4) Sweden

3) Finland

2) Singapore

world's most competitive nation is

actually, i have two sources of this kind of report... one is from the World Economic Forum(as shown above) while the other one is from IMD, a top-ranked business school... but, with a different report title which is The World Competitiveness Yearbook... i hope non of you will get confused when you see another different ranking of the world's most competitive nations from the other blogs or websites... 

click here for the ranking from IMD