Quality Of Overall Infrastructure...

We always hope for the best infrastructures in our living area. A developed infrastructure enables the citizens to carry out their daily life at ease and hence increasing their productivity, most probably.

So now, i'm going to share a very interesting ranking which is, the top 30 countries with the best quality of overall infrastructure.

and  communication are of course among the indicators of this ranking besides energy supply.

Below are the top 30  countries with the best quality of overall infrastructure.
marks allocated for each country is in the bracket [1(worst) - 7(best)]

30) Panama(5.06)
The puente marino, Corredor Sur
in Panama

29) Jordan(5.13)
Royal Jordanian, one of the most
successful regional airlines in
the Middle East

28) Norway(5.20)
Car ferries in Norway

27) Ireland(5.24)
Luas trams in Dublin

26) Australia(5.24)
The Sydney
Harbour Bridge

25) Turkey(5.26)
Turkish Airlines, one of the most
successful airlines in the world
and well-known as Man Utd
official airline

24) Chile(5.39)
Transatiago bus in
Santiago, Chile

23) Malaysia(5.44)
Telekom Malaysia(TM), the largest
telco in Malaysia and one of
Asia's leading telco

22) Czech Republic(5.47)
Double deck trains called

21) United States(5.62)
Hover Dam in the United States

20) United Kingdom(5.63)
The iconic double-decker bus in
the city of London

19) Saudi Arabia(5.76)
Hajj Terminal at
King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah

18) South Korea(5.76)
The KTX-II high-speed train
that can travel at 350km/h

17) Sweden(5.80)
The Stockholm Central Station
in Sweden

16) Spain(5.84)
PS10 solar power plant, Seville

15) Belgium(5.87)
Belgacom, the largest telco
in Belgium

14) Japan(5.94)
Bullet Train(Nozomi Shinkansen)
at Tokyo Station

13) Canada(5.97)
the busiest highway in
North America, Ontario Highway 401

12) Bahrain(6.01)
Batelco, the principal telco
of Bahrain

11) Denmark(6.02)
Oresund Bridge connecting
Denmark and Sweden

10) Portugal(6.17)
Alqueva Dam in Portugal

9) Netherlands(6.21)
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in
The Netherlands

8) Germany(6.23)
Grafenrheinfeld Power Plant
in Germany

7) Austria(6.30)
four-lane Autobahn in Austria

6) United Arab Emirates(6.37)
Emirates, one of the most
well-known airlines in the world
and the largest airline in the
Middle East

5) France(6.41)
France Telecom, one of the biggest
telco in the world

4) Hong Kong(6.46)
Mass Transit Railway(MTR) in
Hong Kong

3) Finland(6.52)
Olkiluotor Nuclear Power Plant
in Finland

2) Singapore(6.54)
world's top airport,
Changi International Airport

1) Switzerland(6.64)
Postauto which cover the smaller
smaller  urban areas and the
regions with no railway network

source: World Economic Forum