We Are The Power Communicators!

On 18th & 19th December 2012, I participated in a course called Public Speaking and Power Communication at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. The course was conducted by U2 Kumar, Chief Learning Officer Of The Art Of Learning & Leadership. It is under the management of the famous Lawrence Walter Seminars. hmmm... Dr Lawrence, a lot of people in the corporate world in Malaysia know him including my mom. haha

U2 Kumar

It was such a big experience for me since during the course, I had to give a lot of spontaneous speeches. Yes! After each topic or session everybody has to give their own speech based on the topic that we had learned. Actually, it's not that hard to give a speech to the audience, but it's very hard to give a proper/perfect speech as a power communicator. I learned a lot of techniques and essences to be a power communicator. And seriously, it's very hard for me to follow all of the essences.

Unfortunately, i couldn't attend another interesting course by The Art Of Learning & Leadership which is Champion Leadership Workshop because i have a lot of other things to do. Cehhh... My schedule is pack you know. Like a boss!

Frankly speaking, I love to join any courses that can improve my communicating skills and my ability to work with others. Teamwork is the main key of success okay! Yeah!  

Back to the topic, now I really2 want to talk in front of the crowds because I want to practice everything that I had learned during that particular course. Those who want me to be your emcee you can contact me. Hahaha.

Ok, don't laugh, i'm serious. Call me. *serious face*

Graduation Song
At the end of the course, of course graduation time. All participants must present something in front of the parents. I did Martin Luther King's speech with my cute buddy, Daniel. Coincidentally, he is a student from SJK(C) Jalan Davidson (a chinese primary school beside my secondary school). There were also participants did sketching (not drawing but acting), self-made speech, and also singing(graduation song). The Climb!