Jan 18, 2013

World's Top Retirement Destinations in 2013...

again... another ranking for my blog... :)

R E T I R E M E N T... that word sounds scary right?... but, don't worry because i want to share with you the best destinations or countries for retirement in 2013... i think, that title is quite interesting because it's not the ranking of hospitals or old folks' homes. XD

some of us want to retire abroad or maybe they want to know the positions of their respective countries for this ranking...

btw, i hope it can help...
because it's important to stay healthy and happy when we are retired with the suitable cost of living since we don't have much income by then... the living areas must also friendly to the older generations... 

so, we need a proper planning before retiring... one of the most important steps is choosing the right destinations to stay...

below is the top 10 ranking...

10) Malta

9) Thailand

8) Spain

7) Colombia

6) Uruguay

5) Costa Rica

4) Mexico

3) Malaysia

2) Panama

1) Ecuador

sources: Forbes and International Living
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