Feb 26, 2013

Fatih Seferagic

He was born in Germany and he moved to the US when he was 4. Now, he lives in Houston, Texas, US. But, he is neither German nor American, he is actually Bosnian.

Who is he? Of course he is a famous person. If not, how would I know him and have that spirit to write about him in my blog?

Actually, he is a  Hifdh and Quran Teacher in Houston. There are lot of his videos in Youtube while reciting Quran. Indeed, his voice is amazing. He can make people shade their tears while listening to his Quran recitations.

Well, in Malaysia we don't understand Arabic that much - only the basic words. So, we appreciate the recitations via the beauty of the voice.
P/s Unlike Islamic scholars or expertise, we learn  Qur'an contents by reading the translation.

Back to the topic, most of his videos were recorded when he was the Imam during prayers. Interestingly, he is still very young because he was born in the same year as me. 1995! 

His name is quite famous among Malaysian social networkers. Since he is a good looking man, of course he is quite famous among the ladies. Frankly speaking, I hate judging people by its cover. So, if there are any other qurra who recite Quran beautifully, please treat him the same even if he is not as handsome as Fatih.

Alright, let's leave physical appearance behind. I do hope every single of us can make a person like Fatih Seferagic as a role model for us to stand nearer to Islam and practice Islam as a true Muslim. Show good examples to the non-believers.

Below are some of the videos of him taken from Youtube.

Feb 23, 2013

Japan Is A Good Example No Matter What

If we look at the current statistics, most of it show how amazing South Korea is... Some people stated that now South Korea is much better than Japan in terms of Economy and also Technology... You can see how Samsung, Kia, and Hyundai are becoming more significant to the society compared to Sony, Sharp, Toyoto, Honda, or even Nissan...

But, all that will never stop me from labelling Japan as the most advanced country in Asia... Yes, it is undeniable that South Korea's economy is growing while Japan's economy is stalling... However, I believe that Japan will recover very soon and try to invent more products and technologies in the future...

In conclusion, I'll never take South Korea as the most advanced country in Asia... And I respect the Japanese more than the Korean because of their culture, attitude, and mentality... Yes, maybe K-pop songs and Korean Dramas are very popular among the people around the world... But I don't think that should be the indicators to label South Korea as the most advanced country in Asia... No, it's not because I hate K-pop songs and Korean Dramas... In fact, I watched a lot of Korean Dramas and listened to some ballad Korean songs (because I'm not K-pop fan)...

Feb 21, 2013

Pinewood Studios in Malaysia...

Pinewood Studios is major British film studios that produced a lot of well-known movies like 007, Harry Potter, and Johnny English to name a few... Like Universal Studios, Pinewood Studios also operates overseas besides the homeland nation... Until now, Pinewood Studios are operating in 3 different countries and soon it will be 5 countries... The countries are United Kingdom(of course), Canada, and Germany... In UK, there are three different studios in various locations which are Pinewood Studios, Shepperton Studios, and Teddington Studios...

As I mentioned earlier, Pinewood Studios will soon operates in 5 countries... The other two countries are Dominican Republic and Malaysia... But this time, I will focus on Pinewood Studios in Malaysia instead of Pinewood Indomina Studios(Dominican Republic)... In Canada and Germany, the studios are known as Pinewood Toronto Studios and Pinewood Studio Berlin respectively...

Feb 19, 2013

Update On KL-Singapore High Speed Rail

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Razak and his Singaporean counterpart Lee Hsien Loong have announced a high-speed train project connecting Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, which is expected to be completed by 2020.

Najib said the project is a "huge game changer" that will enable travel between the two cities to be 90 minutes.

"It will change the way we do business, the way we interact between the cities.

"It will make a huge difference in the way both countries complement each other. The opportunities are boundless between our two countries," Najib told a joint press conference during the 4th Malaysia-Singapore Leaders Retreat.

He said the high speed rail link would make seemless movement for peoples of both cities.

Najib said the announcement was among the vital agreements reached at the leaders' retreat this time around.
In describing the bilateral meeting between both leaders today, Najib said the relations were moving towards a steady progress instead of a spectacular progress.

Feb 17, 2013

Future Rail Integration System (RIS) Of Kuala Lumpur

Prior to the on-going MRT Project and LRT Extension Project in Kuala Lumpur, many of us are curious about the future Rail Integration System or RIS in Kuala Lumpur...

Indeed, KL will become a very well-connected city after all of those projects completed. The on-going MRT Project is only for one line. Based on the initial proposal, Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit(KVMRT) consists of three lines.That means another 2 lines of KVMRT will be developed by MRT Corp. in the future.

[Updated: 12/7/2015]
Due to the addition of two more major rail projects which are MRT Line 2 (Sungai Buloh - Serdang - Putrajaya) and LRT Line 3 (Bandar Utama - Klang), I've updated the rail integration maps below. Both of the projects are currently under public inspection phase for about three months. After everything has been finalized, the construction of MRT SSP Line and LRT Line 3 will commence latest by first quarter 2016.

[Updated: 3/12/2018]
SPAD already produced a completed Greater KL/Klang Valley rail integrated map with both MRT Line 2 and LRT 3 included. Below is the updated map.
Update integrated rail map by SPAD.
Source: http://www.spad.gov.my/

Feb 15, 2013

Private Colleges In Malaysia

Quantity over quality...!

Can you imagine? Based on a report from a foreign press, in Malaysia, there are 414 private colleges in various fields excluding 37 private universities, 30 private college universities, and 7 international branch campuses... I think, that's too much for a medium-population of Malaysia...

Before approving all those colleges to mushroom, government should first remember that we are not over-populated country... There are only 28million of us in Malaysia... And 3million out of 28million are immigrants... I think, that's too much if we compare to the number of private colleges in Malaysia...

Besides, there are a lot of other alternatives for us to pursue our studies... We have form 6 (STPM), matriculation college by MOE, foundation studies in public universities, etc.. So, the government should think wisely whether to give-or-not the license to the private colleges to operate their academic programmes...In every country, private college is a must in order to provide wider opportunities for the youngsters to become successful... But, with the excess of the private colleges, we are not helping the youngsters...

Feb 13, 2013

Tak Rasa Berdosa Ke?


Hakikatnya, bukan mudah untuk umat Islam sekarang mewujudkan rasa berdosa di dalam hati sekiranya tidak menunaikan solat fardhu...

Jika kita sudah biasa dengan ibadah solat fardhu, pasti akan wujud rasa berdosa di dalam hati jika kita tidak mengerjakannya... Selain itu, kita juga akan berasa tidak tenang ibarat ada sesuatu yang amat penting yang belum kita selesaikan... 

Cuba bayangkan kerja penting di tempat kerja dan assignment ketika masih belajar... Pasti kita akan rasa tidak tenang atau tak senang duduk jika kita tak siapkan tugasan2 tersebut... Ini pula solat, soal syurga dan neraka... Jika kita sudah biasa, pasti kita akan berasa lebih tidak senang duduk... Itupun, jika kita biasakan diri dengan solatlah... 

Saya faham, masih ada yang belum cukup solat fardhunya... Solat ni tiang agama... Orang takkan bina pepatah tu kalau solat tu tak penting... 

First sekali, paksa dulu diri anda untuk bersolat sekurang-kurangnya selama 3 bulan... Lepas tu, percayalah anda pasti mula berasa tidak tenang jika masih belum bersolat dan apabila anda telah bersolat, anda pasti akan berasa amat lega ibarat melepaskan 1000 beban dan tanggungjawab di bahu kita.... Selain tu, anda juga akan berasa lebih mudah menjalankan aktiviti2 dalam kehidupan seharian... 

Lama-lama, naik taraflah diri kita dengan mempelajari cara-cara solat fardhu yang lebih afdhal dan cuba melakukan ibadah sunat secara perlahan-lahan... Untuk belajar sesuatu, kita mesti ada keinginan dalam hati untuk mempelajarinya... Biarlah kita sendiri yang mencari sumber dan bahan... Bukan orang lain yang hulur dan sediakan... Barulah ilmu tu masuk dalam hati dan berkekalan... Betul tak...? 

Jadi, secara ringkas, paksa diri kita untuk bersolat secara basic... Kemudian setelah perasaan ingin menambah baik solat kita itu muncul, belilah buku atau cari di internet untuk ilmu-ilmu atau hal-hal solat yang ingin kita ketahui...

Feb 12, 2013

F1 2013 Teams And Cars...

Infininiti Red Bull Racing(Austria)

Scuderia Ferrari(Italy)

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes(United Kingdom)

Feb 10, 2013

Sekolah Menengah Top Di Selangor...

Perdana Menteri, Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak pernah berkata, tiada negara lain di dunia yang mampu menandingi Malaysia dari segi kepelbagaian budaya. Tidakkah kita berasa bangga? Ayuh! Fikir-fikirkan semua.

Ingat lagi, itulah intro pidato saya semasa menyertai Pertandingan Pidato Piala Diraja last year. Buat sendiri tu! Don't play2 ha. Hakikatnya, intro tu memang takde kena mengena langsung dengan post ni. Kuang3...

Oklah. Menurut statistik blog saya, post yang paling ramai orang baca ialah The Best Control Schools In Kuala Lumpur. Jadi, saya membuat keputusan untuk buat post ni, Sekolah top di negeri Selangor. Tetapi saya hanya akan memaparkan sekolah menengah sahaja, sekolah rendah tiada. Maaf ye adik-adik.

Saya tidak dapat mencari maklumat terperinci tentang sistem sekolah kawalan di negeri2 lain termasuk Selangor. Oleh sebab itu, saya hanya mampu membuat senarai berdasarkan pengikhtirafan sekolah2 di Selangor. Apa lagi kan, sudah semestinya Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi dan Sekolah Kluster Kecemerlangan.

Feb 7, 2013

10 Scariest Places In Asia

Actually I didn't have any interest to share this topic at first. However, I couldnt' resists sharing the list in my blog since one of the places that I'm going to show below is very interesting.

I don't think, I should reveal which one. However, if you are my ex-schoolmates, you will know which place that I'm referring to. Haha. That statement I think is already a big clue.

So, based alltop10list.com, 10 scariest places in Asia are as follow;

10 Scariest Places In Asia

10) Manila Film Centre(Philippines)

9) Yu Shan Fan Dian(China)

Feb 5, 2013

25 Countries With The Best Quality Of Management Schools

To achieve our ambition as a businessman, manager, or even CEO we must choose the right path.We must go to the high-rated colleges or universities so that we will gain the best knowledge about this field.

For me, sharing the universities that offer the best management or business courses is not enough. Since the society will be narrow-minded that they assume they can achieve their dreams by only pursuing their studies in those universities. Besides, the list of the universities will be very limited since human can't afford to list all of the universities around the world just to find the best business schools, isn't it? There are thousands of them you know?!

So, I decided to share the top countries with the best quality of management or business schools. That means, these countries consist of a lot of high-quality management or business schools and the people can assess to the those schools easily without having to fight too much for the best. In short, the people have a lot choices or schools to choose in these countries.

So, here we go! Check out where is the position of your homeland nation. Or if you want to study abroad, look for the best destination here.

Feb 3, 2013

5-Star Rating Schools In Terms Of ICT (Kuala Lumpur)

Based on the Smart School Qualification Standard(SSQS), currently there are 11 schools in Kuala Lumpur that achieved 5-star in the usage of ICT... 4 domains are used to measure the rating of each school...
The domains are Usage(17 indicators), Human Capital(20 indicators), Application(7 indicators), and Infrastructure(10 indicators).

Of all the 5-star rating schools nationwide, not all of them are labelled as Smart School(Sekolah Bestari/Sekolah Smart) by the Ministry of Education(MOE)... The remaining schools are known as catalyst schools instead... I'm not really sure why...

So, let me make it clear here, 5-star rating smart school doesn't mean the school is a Smart School that is recognized by MOE... Maybe, it's just to indicate the level of computer usage in the schools from all around Malaysia and to identify the schools that can become the role model to the inexperienced schools in terms of ICT usage... Since, my alma mater is one of the 5-star rating schools, I admit that every year there will be visitors from inside and outside the country to learn from the admins about the management of ICT in school...

Based on the information that I received from the internet, only 271 schools are 5-star rated in terms of ICT usage out of 8,995 schools nationwide... Actually, a statistic from MOE indicates that there are 10,066 schools in Malaysia... So, I believe that there are still some schools that are not ready to be evaluated under SSQS... Maybe because of financial conditions, weak internet connections, or the schools are still very new...

So, here we go...! 5-star rating smart schools in Kuala Lumpur... I'll highlight the schools that are recognized  or labelled as Smart School by the MOE... That means, the others are catalyst schools...

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