10 Scariest Places In Asia

Actually I didn't have any interest to share this topic at first. However, I couldnt' resists sharing the list in my blog since one of the places that I'm going to show below is very interesting.

I don't think, I should reveal which one. However, if you are my ex-schoolmates, you will know which place that I'm referring to. Haha. That statement I think is already a big clue.

So, based alltop10list.com, 10 scariest places in Asia are as follow;

10 Scariest Places In Asia

10) Manila Film Centre(Philippines)

9) Yu Shan Fan Dian(China)

8) Victoria Institution(Malaysia)

7) Tuen Mun Road(Hong Kong)

6) Changi Beach(Singapore)

5) Mount Everest(Nepal)

4) Bhangarh Fort(India)

3) Tao Dan Public Park(Vietnam)

2) Lipe Island(Thailand)

1) Old Changi Hospital(Singapore)