Fatih Seferagic

He was born in Germany and he moved to the US when he was 4. Now, he lives in Houston, Texas, US. But, he is neither German nor American, he is actually Bosnian.

Who is he? Of course he is a famous person. If not, how would I know him and have that spirit to write about him in my blog?

Actually, he is a  Hifdh and Quran Teacher in Houston. There are lot of his videos in Youtube while reciting Quran. Indeed, his voice is amazing. He can make people shade their tears while listening to his Quran recitations.

Well, in Malaysia we don't understand Arabic that much - only the basic words. So, we appreciate the recitations via the beauty of the voice.
P/s Unlike Islamic scholars or expertise, we learn  Qur'an contents by reading the translation.

Back to the topic, most of his videos were recorded when he was the Imam during prayers. Interestingly, he is still very young because he was born in the same year as me. 1995! 

His name is quite famous among Malaysian social networkers. Since he is a good looking man, of course he is quite famous among the ladies. Frankly speaking, I hate judging people by its cover. So, if there are any other qurra who recite Quran beautifully, please treat him the same even if he is not as handsome as Fatih.

Alright, let's leave physical appearance behind. I do hope every single of us can make a person like Fatih Seferagic as a role model for us to stand nearer to Islam and practice Islam as a true Muslim. Show good examples to the non-believers.

Below are some of the videos of him taken from Youtube.

a picture of him from his facebook page