Future Rail Integration System (RIS) Of Kuala Lumpur

Prior to the on-going MRT Project and LRT Extension Project in Kuala Lumpur, many of us are curious about the future Rail Integration System or RIS in Kuala Lumpur...

Indeed, KL will become a very well-connected city after all of those projects completed. The on-going MRT Project is only for one line. Based on the initial proposal, Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit(KVMRT) consists of three lines.That means another 2 lines of KVMRT will be developed by MRT Corp. in the future.

[Updated: 12/7/2015]
Due to the addition of two more major rail projects which are MRT Line 2 (Sungai Buloh - Serdang - Putrajaya) and LRT Line 3 (Bandar Utama - Klang), I've updated the rail integration maps below. Both of the projects are currently under public inspection phase for about three months. After everything has been finalized, the construction of MRT SSP Line and LRT Line 3 will commence latest by first quarter 2016.

[Updated: 3/12/2018]
SPAD already produced a completed Greater KL/Klang Valley rail integrated map with both MRT Line 2 and LRT 3 included. Below is the updated map.
Update integrated rail map by SPAD.
Source: http://www.spad.gov.my/

Frankly speaking, KL is developing rapidly and the term "Greater KL" is used under Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to achieve national's target to make KL as the top 20 most liveable cities in the world under.  And under Greater KL, there are nine entry point projects.

Basically, PEMANDU consists of GTP and ETP. Under ETP there are 12 National Key Economic Areas(NKEAs), one of them is Greater KL/Klang Valley, and under Greater KL there are 9 entry point projects, one of them is KVMRT.

Why ETP is very important? Because it will ensure that our country will consistently growing from today until the end of the world. Yes, we can ask Petronas, Exxon Mobil, Shell, etc. to produce as much oils as possible from Malaysia like what the countries in Africa & Middle East are doing, and our country's annual growth will be very high about more than 8% (now is 4%-5% a year) like them. Seriously!

But, when there are no more oils in our country Malaysia will definitely stop growing. So how about the future generation? That's the reason why we need some other key economic areas in order to ensure Malaysia keep growing for the next coming yearssss.

About urban public transport, the government can now focus on the other states like Johor and Penang. I heard there are several proposals in different states to develop new public transport systems. For example, Monorail in Penang, Tram in Malacca, and MRT/BRT in Johor. I hope it will become a reality. Better sooner than later, learn from what happened in cities like Jakarta where traffic congestion is everywhere.