Mar 29, 2013

Five Most Scary Bridges

Crazy Curve:
Langkawi Sky Bridge, Kedah, Malaysia

Forest Gulp:
Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Mar 28, 2013

Mengalir Air Mataku...

Video yang dikongsikan di bawah merupakan tayangan video sempena Hari Polis ke-206 pada 25hb Mac yang lalu. Saya berharap agar anda dapat meluangkan sedikit masa untuk menonton keseluruhan video tersebut.

Video tersebut sedikit sebanyak boleh menambah semangat patriotisme dalam diri kita. Walaupun video memaparkan beberapa ucapan YAB Perdana Menteri kita. Saya faham, bukan semua yang suka terhadap pimpinan kerajaan sekarang. Tetapi sekurang-kurangnya ambillah mesej yang disampaikan oleh beliau sebagai pesanan oleh  seorang warganegara Malaysia terhadap warganegara Malaysia yang lain.

Sayu saya melihat keluarga2 anggota polis yang terkorban sewaktu Ops Daulat. Saya tidak dapat menahan air mata saya daripada mengalir apabila membaca Warkah Terakhir di dalam video tersebut.


Mar 20, 2013

Global Hunger Index

  1. Burundi 37.1
  2. Eritrea 34.4
  3. Haiti 30.8
  4. Ethiopia 28.7
  5. Chad 28.3
  6. East Timor 27.3
  7. Central African Republic 27.3
  8. Comoros 25.8
  9. Sierra Leone 24.7
  10. Yemen 24.3
  11. Angola 24.1
  12. Bangladesh 24.0
  13. Zambia 23.3
  14. Mozambique 23.3
  15. India 22.9
  16. Madagascar 22.5
  17. Niger 22.3
  18. Djibouti 21.7
  19. Sudan 21.5
  20. Nepal 20.3

Mar 16, 2013

10 Most Innovative Asian Nations

Based on the Global Innovation Index 2012 by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual  Property Organization; there are 141 countries or economies that have been surveyed worldwide...

Based on the ranking, I noticed that most of the high-income nations are ranked in the top spots... But, there are some high-income nations that are left behind in terms of innovation... For example, countries like Greece, Trinidad & Tobago, and Kuwait...

This time, I'm going to show to you guys 10 Most Innovative countries in Asia... To evaluate each economy, 7 pillars are used...
The pillars are:
  1. Institutions
  2. Human Capital & research
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Market sophistication
  5. Business sophistication
  6. Knowledge & technology output; and
  7. Creative outputs

Actually, there are a lot of sources for this kind of ranking... Since this particular Global Innovation Report was carried out by various parties in a group, so I think it's quite trustworthy...

Okay, let's move on...! Below are the top Asian nations in terms of innovation...
world ranking is beside the Asian ranking & score for each country is in the bracket

Mar 14, 2013

10 Most Competitive Asian Nations In Travel And Tourism Sector

Travel and Tourism(T&T) sector is very significant to all of the countries around the globe. It will help to improve the economy of the developing nations including strengthening the economy of the high-income nations.

Since Europe is the most favourite continent in this particular sector, so it's undeniable that European countries will dominate the top spots.

This time, I'm not going to share the top countries worldwide. I'm only going to post the 10 best Asian countries in The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. The report was made by World Economic Forum and it was released on 6th March 2013.

The report consists of 140 economies/countries around the world with 14 pillars to indicate the score for each economy.

The pillars are as follow:
  1. Policy rules and regulations
  2. Environmental sustainability
  3. Safety and security
  4. Health and hygiene
  5. Prioritization of Travel and Tourism
  6. Air transport infrastructure
  7. Ground transport infrastructure
  8. Tourism infrastructure
  9. ICT infrastructure
  10. Price competitiveness in T&T industry
  11. Human resources
  12. Affinity for Travel & Tourism
  13. Natural resources
  14. Cultural resources

Below are the 10 best countries in Asia in terms of T&T Competitiveness.
worldwide ranking is next to the Asian ranking and score for each country is inside the bracket

Mar 10, 2013

Sabah Oh Sabah...

I was born in 1995... Yes, maybe I learned something about Sabah when I was in secondary school but I know that all those facts that I had read from the textbooks are not enough to make me a person who knows every single detail about Sabah...

Indeed, the scenario is very complicated... The reason is because, Sabah was not founded yesterday... It was created a century ago... Maybe, there are some of us who know the details... But, we don't know who they are and I don't think we will believe anybody for the time being... So, for now, nobody can make crappy statements...

This matter involved a lot of parties... Malaysia, Sulu Sultanate, British, Brunei Sultanate, etc... So, I don't think voices from one or two parties can solve this particular crisis... Besides, UN was also involved with Sabah and Sarawak during the formation of The Federation Of Malaysia...

The Pinoys will say that Sabah belongs to them and we Malaysians will fight back by saying that we developed Sabah and the Sabahans chose to be part of us... But, when someone is protecting his/her country, trust me, that person won't even think about countries like Japan, Germany, and Australia that are very rich and successful... He/She will continuously assuming that his/her homeland nation is the best in the world...

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