10 Most Competitive Asian Nations In Travel And Tourism Sector

Travel and Tourism(T&T) sector is very significant to all of the countries around the globe. It will help to improve the economy of the developing nations including strengthening the economy of the high-income nations.

Since Europe is the most favourite continent in this particular sector, so it's undeniable that European countries will dominate the top spots.

This time, I'm not going to share the top countries worldwide. I'm only going to post the 10 best Asian countries in The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. The report was made by World Economic Forum and it was released on 6th March 2013.

The report consists of 140 economies/countries around the world with 14 pillars to indicate the score for each economy.

The pillars are as follow:
  1. Policy rules and regulations
  2. Environmental sustainability
  3. Safety and security
  4. Health and hygiene
  5. Prioritization of Travel and Tourism
  6. Air transport infrastructure
  7. Ground transport infrastructure
  8. Tourism infrastructure
  9. ICT infrastructure
  10. Price competitiveness in T&T industry
  11. Human resources
  12. Affinity for Travel & Tourism
  13. Natural resources
  14. Cultural resources

Below are the 10 best countries in Asia in terms of T&T Competitiveness.
worldwide ranking is next to the Asian ranking and score for each country is inside the bracket

10)45) China[4.45]
The Forbidden City in Beijing

9)43) Thailand[4.47]
Ko Phi Phi in Krabi, a province in Southern Thailand

8)41) Qatar[4.49]
Villaggio, a mall in Doha

7)34) Malaysia[4.70]
Genting Highland located in the state of Pahang

6)33) Taiwan[4.71]
Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world

5)28) United Arab Emirates[4.86]
Burj Al Arab, one of the best hotels in the world

4)25) South Korea[4.91]
Jeju Island in South Korea

3)15) Hong Kong[5.11]
Disneyland in Hong Kong

2)14) Japan[5.13]
Mount Fuji located on Honshu Island

1)10) Singapore[5.23]
Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Performance of the ASEAN nations

10) Singapore[5.23]

34) Malaysia[4.70]

43) Thailand[4.47]

70) Indonesia[4.03]

72) Brunei Darussalam[4.01]

80) Vietnam[3.95]

82) Philippines[3.93]

106) Cambodia[3.56]

Laos & Myanmar are not included in the report