10 Most Innovative Asian Nations

Based on the Global Innovation Index 2012 by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual  Property Organization; there are 141 countries or economies that have been surveyed worldwide...

Based on the ranking, I noticed that most of the high-income nations are ranked in the top spots... But, there are some high-income nations that are left behind in terms of innovation... For example, countries like Greece, Trinidad & Tobago, and Kuwait...

This time, I'm going to show to you guys 10 Most Innovative countries in Asia... To evaluate each economy, 7 pillars are used...
The pillars are:
  1. Institutions
  2. Human Capital & research
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Market sophistication
  5. Business sophistication
  6. Knowledge & technology output; and
  7. Creative outputs

Actually, there are a lot of sources for this kind of ranking... Since this particular Global Innovation Report was carried out by various parties in a group, so I think it's quite trustworthy...

Okay, let's move on...! Below are the top Asian nations in terms of innovation...
world ranking is beside the Asian ranking & score for each country is in the bracket

10)41) Bahrain[41.4]

9)37) United Arab Emirates[44.4]

8)34) China[45.4]

7)33) Qatar[45.5]

6)32) Malaysia[45.9]

5)25) Japan[51.6]

4)21) South Korea[53.8]

3)17) Israel[55.9]

2)8) Hong Kong[58.7]

1)3) Singapore[63.4]

Performance of the ASEAN countries

3) Singapore[63.4]

32) Malaysia[45.9]

53) Brunei[36.9]

57) Thailand[36.9]

76) Vietnam[33.9]

95) Philippines[29.0]

100) Indonesia[28.0]

129) Cambodia[23.3]

138) Laos[20.2]

Myanmar is excluded from the survey