Global Hunger Index

  1. Burundi 37.1
  2. Eritrea 34.4
  3. Haiti 30.8
  4. Ethiopia 28.7
  5. Chad 28.3
  6. East Timor 27.3
  7. Central African Republic 27.3
  8. Comoros 25.8
  9. Sierra Leone 24.7
  10. Yemen 24.3
  11. Angola 24.1
  12. Bangladesh 24.0
  13. Zambia 23.3
  14. Mozambique 23.3
  15. India 22.9
  16. Madagascar 22.5
  17. Niger 22.3
  18. Djibouti 21.7
  19. Sudan 21.5
  20. Nepal 20.3
  21. Rwanda 19.7
  22. Pakistan 19.7
  23. Laos 19.7
  24. Cambodia 19.6
  25. Tanzania 19.3
  26. Kenya 19.3
  27. Togo 19.0
  28. North Korea 19.0
  29. Liberia 18.9
  30. Guinea-Bissau 18.4
  31. Ivory Coast 18.2
  32. Cameroon 17.4
  33. Zimbabwe 17.3
  34. Burkina Faso 17.2
  35. Malawi 16.7
  36. Guinea 16.6
  37. Mali 16.2
  38. Uganda 16.1
  39. Tajikistan 15.8
  40. Nigeria 15.7
  41. Gambia 15.6
  42. Benin 14.6
  43. Sri Lanka 14.4
  44. Senegal 13.7
  45. Botswana 13.7
  46. Namibia 13.2
  47. Guatemala 12.7
  48. Bolivia 12.3
  49. Philippines 12.2
  50. Indonesia 12.0
  51. Lesotho 11.9
  52. Mongolia 11.7
  53. Republic of the Congo 11.4
  54. Vietnam 11.2
  55. Mauritania 11.1
  56. Swaziland 10.9
  57. Dominican Republic 10.0
All of the countries listed above are in the serious hunger situation based on the Global Hunger Index 2012... As a human, I think it's my responsible to help my friends in those countries...

Usually, I post about the good side of this world... Yes, something like development, competitiveness, infrastructure, etc... Then, I realized that I should also post about the negative side of this particular world so that we can improve the condition...

The reason is because, I want to inform the society that not all of us are lucky... In my country, even if you are poor, you can still have some food to eat... With a lot of funds from the government to the people and the food with subsidised prices... There are also a lot of NGOs who are helping the needs. Indeed, we Malaysians are very lucky... In fact, the poverty rate and the unemployment rate in Malaysia are very low... So, we have no reason for not to be thankful in Malaysia...

Our friends, mostly in Africa are dying because of the lack of food and nutrients... If we look at the list above, you'll notice that many of the countries are from Africa and there are some countries from South Asia... As a member of the ASEAN community, I'm quite sad to tell you that there are also five countries from ASEAN that are in the serious condition of hunger situation...

If we look properly, I don't think countries with many resources like India and Indonesia should be on the list...  Yes, they have a very large population... But that shouldn't be the excuse... Because, if their governments handle this matter properly, they can overcome it because they have too many food resources... So, I hope the government of all of the countries above will solve this problem as soon as possible... As a government, you should help the people but not helping yourself to become richer and richer... 

For developed countries with low population like Canada and Australia; I think you guys should help those countries so that they can overcome the hunger crisis... Maybe you can supply them with some food or offer their citizens with jobs or invest in their countries or give their government some advices to handle the problem...

Based on the previous years data, I'm quite happy to see that most of the countries have improved their hunger situation... And I hope all of the countries will keep improving until everybody on this earth is  having enough food to survive...

Seriously, I would like to repeat what I had said before... The government of each country listed should try their very best to solve this particular problem... I don't want my friends in the other part of the world suffer because they don't have enough food to eat... Please, I beg you...!

Malaysia was also a very low-income nation with agriculture as our main economy sector... But, slowly we climb the world until now we are very near to achieve a developed high-income nation status... Our GNI per capita almost reaching $10,000 in 2012... I admit that our economy was not growing under the administration of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (2003-2009)... But now, we are growing and developing rapidly...

So, the highest leader in each country plays a very significant role in improving his/her nation... We as the citizens should choose the right person to administrate our beloved countries... If not, we won't experience a meaningful and comfortable life in this temporary world...