Apr 24, 2013

Keranamu Malaysia!

buruh nelayan dan juga petani

gaya hidup kini dah berubah

anak-anak terasuh mindanya

Apr 19, 2013

20 World's Best Airports In 2013

During the 2013 World Airport Award at Passenger Terminal EXPO in Geneva, World's Top Airports were announced by SKYTRAX. Every year I will update about this particular award by posting the top airports... Usually, I'll only post the top ten airports. But, since I have been using top 15, top 20, top 25 in most of my other posts, so I decided to share the top 20 airports.

Actually, a few years back, SKYTRAX only published the top 10 airports in their website. Since last year, SKYTRAX started to show us the top 100 ranking. So, it's easier for an amateur blogger like me to do some researches about the airports around the world and of course I can share more airports in the ranking.

Why airport is important for me? Very simple, it's a main gateway to a country. So, it must be good-looking  and comfortable enough in order to ensure that particular country will receive good first impression by the foreign travelers. 

Unlike the other continents, most of the Asian nations will give their best to the main airport. I'm sure that most us have heard about Singapore Changi, Hong Kong International Airport, Incheon Airport, etc. . All of those airports are located in Asia and they are fantabulous airports. 

Apr 17, 2013

20 Best Countries In Terms Of Railroad Infrastructure

It has been a while since my last post about Five Most Scary Bridges... Seriously, I was very busy for the past few weeks until I couldn't even spend a little of my time to update my blog...

This time, I'm going to share about the best countries with railroad infrastructure... As far as I'm concerned, train has become very important to the society... In my country, rail public transport is being developed significantly by the government... MRT, LRT extension, and ETS to name a few...

When you visit well-known cities like London, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Madrid, Zurich, etc.; railway system has dominates the public ground transportation... Maybe for local citizen, bus is still important.. But for tourist, train is the main transportation for them to travel around... The reason is because train is more convenient and it's easier for them to plan their trip especially when rail integration is applied...

In ASEAN; Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur are three cities with highly developed rail integration system... But of course, Singapore is the best since it's a small island and it's easier for the town planners to plan their own ground transportation system...

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