20 Best Countries In Terms Of Railroad Infrastructure

It has been a while since my last post about Five Most Scary Bridges... Seriously, I was very busy for the past few weeks until I couldn't even spend a little of my time to update my blog...

This time, I'm going to share about the best countries with railroad infrastructure... As far as I'm concerned, train has become very important to the society... In my country, rail public transport is being developed significantly by the government... MRT, LRT extension, and ETS to name a few...

When you visit well-known cities like London, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Madrid, Zurich, etc.; railway system has dominates the public ground transportation... Maybe for local citizen, bus is still important.. But for tourist, train is the main transportation for them to travel around... The reason is because train is more convenient and it's easier for them to plan their trip especially when rail integration is applied...

In ASEAN; Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur are three cities with highly developed rail integration system... But of course, Singapore is the best since it's a small island and it's easier for the town planners to plan their own ground transportation system...

Other than city rail link, a modern intercity rail service is also important... This is what most the countries lack of... The modernized intercity rail connection enable everybody to travel around a country easily while enjoying the beautiful scenery from a fast and comfortable train... Sometimes, intercity rail services also connecting different countries... Many countries in Europe have already implemented this kind of system... I'm happy to announce that a high-speed rail link which will connect KL and Singapore has been agreed by the two countries...

Below are the countries with the best railroad infrastructure... 
The ranking is basically about the quality of railroad infrastructure throughout the countries and how developed it is... The score works from 1-7 with 1=extremely underdeveloped  and 7=extensive and efficient by international standards...

20) Lithuania(4.7)

19) Denmark(4.8)

18) United States(4.8)

17) Malaysia(4.9)

16) United Kingdom(5.0)

15) Canada(5.0)

14) Luxembourg(5.2)

13) Belgium(5.2)

12) Austria(5.3)

11) Taiwan(5.5)

10) South Korea(5.6)

9) Netherlands(5.7)

8) Spain(5.7)

7) Germany(5.7)

6) Finland(5.7)

5) Singapore(5.7)

4) France(6.3)

3) Hong Kong(6.4)

2) Japan(6.6)

1) Switzerland(6.8)
very popular with trams

source: World Economic Forum