Mar 28, 2014

China Boycott Malaysia

The latest incident involving Malaysia Airlines MH370 had caused a lot of problems to Malaysia. A lot of bad news regarding Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines were reported by the medias around the world. However, the implication that concerns me the most is they (China national) started to hate Malaysia. Everybody knows that majority of the passengers were China national and of course they were concerned about the safety of their fellow countrymen on board.

I've been to China before, and I was so proud for being Malaysian when I was there. The reason is because most of the people over there recognize us, Malaysians. When looking at us, they started to ask, "Malaysia?", then we nodded. When I was on the flight back to Kuala Lumpur, most of the passengers were China national. They came to visit Malaysia.

But now, they intend to boycott Malaysia. Yes, they can insult and mock us. But first, read this:

Are we(China) too reckless instigate a boycott on this country(Malaysia)? Lets don’t talk about boycott just yet, we cannot even boycott the Japanese effectively, for them who massacred hundreds of millions of our countrymen, and those Vietnamese and Indonesian who killed hundred of thousand of Chinese, why don’t I see any Artist boycotting them? (Chinese artist joined the condemns and boycott against Malaysia)
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