May 24, 2014

Best In Travel Poll 2013

I've never missed to share this travel poll by Smart Travel Asia.

As a traveler, of course I want to share the best of the best in tourism sector.

So, here are the verdicts for the year 2013.

Top 10 Cities for Business
2013 Rank2012 Rank
1. Hong Kong1
2. Singapore2
3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Seoul, South Korea
4. Bangkok, Thailand4
5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates8
6. Sydney, Australia
    Tokyo, Japan
7. Taipei, Taiwan6
8. Shanghai, China6
9. Melbourne, Australia-
10. Bangalore, India
     Colombo, Sri Lanka

May 17, 2014

Pusat Asasi UIA (Part 2)

Part 1

I'm going to continue sharing more  information about CFS IIUM to those who are interested to join this institution.  This is  a continuation from my previous post over here. Previously I've shared about campus and mahallah of CFS.

This time, I'm going to share about programmes offered in CFS and duration for foundation studies before pursuing your bachelor's degree.


CFS IIUM is the only public pre-university that offers a wide range of studies. 

Matriculation by Ministry of Education (MoE) offers 3 courses only which are sciences, accounts, and technical. Of course you can choose whether to do pure science or physical science, but that's it.

Foundation in UM, UiTM, UPM, and USM consist of only several fields like biological/physical sciences, laws, engineering, and build environment.

But in CFS, the programmes cover almost all fields of education. 

I'll categorize the programmes based on the campus for bachelor's degree, either Gombak or Kuantan.

May 13, 2014

Pusat Asasi UIA (Part 1)

I've been in Pusat Asasi UIA or Centre for Foundation Studies IIUM for one year. So, I think this is a perfect time for me to share a little bit about this institution or abbreviates as CFS among the students.


For CFS, currently there are 3 campuses. Yes it's quite confusing but please bare it for the next couple of years.

Now the main campus for CFS is Petaling Jaya. The campus is the origin of IIUM or UIA. So, the buildings are quite old and the mahallah are not as good as the other campuses.

The two other campuses are Gombak, Selangor and Gambang, Pahang. 

As most of us know, Gombak is the main campus of UIA. Most of the students over there are undergraduate and postgraduates students.
We can also call it as our HQ since most of the top managements are there in Gombak including the President of UIA.
UIAM Gombak

May 8, 2014

Thanks For Everything LCCT

Crowded, Dirty, Nothing close like an airport.
That is Kuala Lumpur International Aiport - Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (KLIA-LCCT) to me.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, the co-founder of Air Asia suggested that we should have a designated low-cost terminal instead of using the main terminal of KLIA. So, Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad (MAHB) opened KLIA-LCCT for that purpose.

But it is so congested since low-cost carrier (LCC) has become very significant to the society. 

Every year I'll travel by air to Kota Bharu, Kelantan and yes I love travelling, I've set my target at least one vacation each year.

So sometimes, I'll  travel with Air Asia and this particular LCC operates in KLIA-LCCT which is an uncomfortable terminal for me.

However, for the past few years KLIA2, the largest LCC terminal was planned and it was launched on 2nd May 2014.

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