Sleeping In The Airport

There are punctual people who arrived at the airport three hours prior to scheduled flight time.
There are also people who want to save their travelling budget by taking indirect flight to travel overseas. Or in other other word, transit flight.
P/s Direct flight is much more expensive and not all destinations have direct flight from our initial location.

Waiting for a very long period can be really tiring. 
The travelers need to have proper places or spaces to sleep or taking a nap.

However, not all airports around the world can provide such hospitality to the passengers.
Of course, most airports are surrounded by airport hotel. But not all passengers willing to spend extra bucks after spending on flight ticket for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Actually, the purpose of my post this time is to share the ten best airports in the world to sleep. will send an email about this to those who have subscribed to their website and voted for the best & worst airports to sleep in.
Since they sent me the email, so I feel incomplete if not sharing the verdict in my blog.

So, here are the 10 Best Airports in 2014.

10) Zurich International Airport (ZRH)

Passengers who are going to transit at any of the airports above should not worry too much about what to do while waiting for your next flight.

For your information, all of the airports above are among the best airports in the world.
Other than facilities for sleeping, a lot of other facilities provided for the sake of passengers's well-being.