Blogging Has Changed My Life

There are about 7 billion human living together in this universe and we are having different perspectives towards our temporary life. 
Each and every one of us wants to share our ideas and opinions to improve the current situation.

However, not all people around us are interested in what we are going to say.
Some of us love sports but there are also some of our friends that are not really interested in sports. Same goes to the other categories like politics, economics, religion, and the list goes on.

What should we do to voice out our points of view to the right person?
Yes! blogging. That is the best way.
The reason is because only those who are interested with the title will read the contents.
P/s I'm not going to share about gaining money by blogging in this particular post because I'm not an online marketer.

I've been blogging for the past four years and 2015 will be my fifth year of blogging.

What have I  learned so far by blogging?

Improve my languages.

To be an author of a blog, you must master all the details about the topic that you want to share.
For me, I'll open a few tabs in Google Chrome to do some research about any particular topic. The articles that I read can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

So, by reading hundreds of article to create 200++ posts in my blog, definitely improving my languages right? I learned a lot of new vocabulary words in both English and Bahasa.

You know what, I read some of my older posts in my blog I found that my languages back then was very funny. A lot of mistakes.
I'm not saying it is perfect now. At least I know that my languages are improving, I have the backtracks in my blog.

I have made correction to some of the posts and there are still remaining posts with ridiculous language level. Of course I don't have time to check one by one and I even saved some of them in a draft file so that I can make amendments later.

Learn a lot of new things.

My general knowledge is expanding as long as I'm still blogging.
As I mentioned earlier, I have to read hundreds of articles to create 200++ posts in my blog.

Sometimes, I will read articles written by the local authors and sometimes by the foreigners.
A lot of inputs that I have received from them so far.

Before this, I was only interested in promoting Malaysia.
For now, I have become ASEAN-centric person due to the ASEAN Integration from 2015 onwards. Even though I noticed that some of the folks from the other ASEAN countries hate Malaysia. Haha.

For your information, the concept of ASEAN Integration is almost similar to European Union without a standardize currency.

Whatever happens; better future for ASEAN, means better future for all of the members right?
ASEAN has a very big potential that it can shake the world.
Sadly, not all citizens of the ASEAN countries are aware of this.
So, my awareness towards ASEAN is better than many of us since I'm blogging. If not, I know nothing about this so-called South East Asia's EU.

Other than reading online articles, I joined several online forums so that I will get the latest info regarding any matters that interest me.
You will be ahead of others sometimes. Because you get involved with the up-to-date people in those online forums.

Thinking rationally.

Back then, I will write everything that came out from my mind without thinking whether it is provocative or not.
Most of the times, I'll copy and paste articles from the other online news portals. Sometimes from the other bloggers p/s ith a credit of course or else I'll get sued.

I was once get scolded by a blogger because there was no credit to his writing, luckily and coincidentally he is a senior from my secondary school. So, he was being lenient to me a bit, methinks.

Yes, definitely. No originality right?

But now, not anymore.
I'm willing to spend more than a week to create one post as long as it is totally original from me. Authentic I can say. Haha

I realize that I should respect others' points of view and opuses.

I love writing now.

When I was in school.
Writing an essay was a big problem for me even if in my own mother tongue. I have the points, but I don't how to express them in an essay.

But now not anymore.

During my pre-u in CFS IIUM, I have to sit for English Proficiency Test (EPT) for one semester and registered for Malaysian University English Test (MUET) during my last semester.

That means, I was asked to write even longer essays with more matured arguments.
Without blogging, I don't think I could score Band 7 out of 9 and Band 4 out of 6 for both EPT and MUET respectively.

That's all I think. Actually, there are a lot more other aspects that have changed since I start blogging such as I've become really2 passionate towards travelling and I love public speaking because it's an alternative method for me to share my perspectives towards this temporary life to thers.

Today is the last day of 2014.
So, please have a more productive year ahead.

I'm starting my Bachelor's Degree in February 2015 and I'm sure I will be much busier than before.
However, I'll try to update my blog as often as possible to enhance my skills. Hehe.

Good day.