Jun 25, 2015

Top 20 Universities in ASEAN

ASEAN or Association of South-East Asian Nations is the 7th largest economy in the world, 3rd largest economy in Asia, and interestingly still growing. By having large economy, of course it is going to be among the focal points of the global market.

In order for ASEAN to keep growing and remain competitive, each country needs enough human resources. When we are talking about human capital or talent, means we need more people who are qualified to be part of the development.

At the end of the day, we must refer back to the fundamental of human resource which is education. Education is an effective traditional way of shaping the future generation and yes it will remain as the most important aspect in our life. Through education, we can produce civilized and educated society.

ASEAN consists of well-known countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Many of the ASEAN members are developing rapidly and all countries need their future generation to retain the growth pattern of their respective countries.

Jun 18, 2015

Ten Most Popular Cities

It has been quite some time since the last time I share about tourism, and also ranking.
I love travelling, and this year I traveled to two most populated cities in Indonesia; Jakarta and Bandung.

Since I love travelling, so automatically I love to share some information regarding tourism.
Travelling around makes us slightly different compared to others. Maybe because we can see different cultures, environment, development, and many more.
We even tried different kinds of food! Haha

If let say, we saw something better than our nation, then we might want to contribute something to our motherland so that it will be on par with those countries that we think much better than us in many aspects.
However, if we saw something worse; we will try to preserve whatever our nation has achieved so far. We will be more thankful with what we have back in our hometown.

Travelling definitely changes people, and how they view this temporary world.

So, which are the ten most popular cities in 2015 among travelers around the world?
The ranking below was made by CNN.

Jun 10, 2015

First Sem, What Have I Learned?

Being a computer science or information technology student you need a lot of passion and patience.

Why? Mainly because you have to discover the latest technology on your own since it is evolving every second. Other than that, since this is among the youngest field of education among all; many are still underestimate the capabilities of ICT sector. Even the demand for IT specialists is much higher than the number of workforce supply.

ICT. Source: careeroptionsmagazine.com

I just completed my first semester as an undergraduate ICT student in IIUM, I haven't decide on my major yet because we have to complete our first year before deciding either to pursue in Information Technology/System or Computer Science.

So far so good, most of the syllabi are related with what I've learned when I was in foundation year.
I learned C-language during foundation and C++ during my first sem bachelor's degree for the basic or elements of programming.

Jun 5, 2015

Ta'aruf Week UIA Gombak

I just finished my first semester, first year in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM/UIA) Gombak campus. So I guess, this is the time to share a little bit about IIUM.

Scenery upon entering the main gate. Source: IIUM FB Page
There are two campuses for undergraduate which are Gombak campus and Kuantan campus. Soon, there will be one more campus in Pagoh, Johor allocated for Kulliyyah of Languages & Management (KLM) which temporarily located at my faculty.
Kuantan campus is mainly for the science-based programmes like Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Mathematics, Physics, and so forth. Meanwhile, Gombak campus is where the other non-science programmes are located except for Engineering and IT/Computer Science.

Since I'm studying at Kulliyah of Information & Communication Technology (KICT), so I will focus on Ta'aruf Week at the Gombak campus. What is Ta'aruf Week? Simple, it is an orientation week.

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