First Sem, What Have I Learned?

Being a computer science or information technology student you need a lot of passion and patience.

Why? Mainly because you have to discover the latest technology on your own since it is evolving every second. Other than that, since this is among the youngest field of education among all; many are still underestimate the capabilities of ICT sector. Even the demand for IT specialists is much higher than the number of workforce supply.

ICT. Source:

I just completed my first semester as an undergraduate ICT student in IIUM, I haven't decide on my major yet because we have to complete our first year before deciding either to pursue in Information Technology/System or Computer Science.

So far so good, most of the syllabi are related with what I've learned when I was in foundation year.
I learned C-language during foundation and C++ during my first sem bachelor's degree for the basic or elements of programming.

For database, back then in CFS we learned about database system by using Microsoft Access and during my first semester as an undergrad we used Oracle which required us to type everything in SQL command. But the concepts are more or less the same as Microsoft Access.

Discrete Maths, it is a logical maths which requires a lot of logic from your brain instead of just using formula like Calculus. The subject was not that bad since my former lecturer is awesome! Haha.

Other than Google Chrome, my taskbar also
consists of C++ and sql command prompt. Haha ✌

I'm not going to share every single inch of the syllabus I did throughout my first semester as an undergraduate student. I did take some courses that are not really related to ICT but beneficial for my future of course. Management and Islamic Worldview, for instance.

What I'm going to emphasize in this particular entry is what have I done and learned with ICT during my first semester in IIUM Gombak campus.

Apparently, we typed a lot of programs that are very2 useful towards our daily life.
Ie: unit conversion, stock listing, sales record, payroll system, football matches, and many more.
Same goes to database and discrete maths. What I've learned are quite useful for my daily life and of course for the society too.

For example, during database final examination. In three hours we did a question about payroll system, a question about hospital involving patients and physicians, a few questions about university students and staffs' records.

We even include GST in some of our assignments and projects. Take that! lol
And our codes become longer. Thanks to Prime Minister Najib.

In Malaysia, we have our own GST logo. 👀
Grow & Share Together, they said. Urghh.
Source: gov of Malaysia

Can you imagine? In four months we learned a lot of new things that will make our life much more easier. 
All organizations around the planet either profit or non-profit will need useful computer programs or softwares to increase their productivity rate and reduce their operating costs.

Still thinking whether ICT (IT, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Network, Computer Security, etc.) is a good field of education or not? Well, better stop wondering now. Haha

Source: University of Strathclyde

I'll keep this post short and sweeeeet.

Till then. Good day.


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