Top Countries For Muslim Traveler

Assalamualaikum. Ahlan Wasahlan.

As I mentioned so many times before, travelling makes us slightly different compared to those who are not. We experience different environment such as culture, climate, and food!
Sometimes, we tend to appreciate what we have back in our hometown when travelling around.

However, as a Muslim we are very particular of our obligations towards our God.
We need to perform our obligatory five times daily prayer, eat halal food, and cover our aurah/body parts to name a few.

Not all countries can offer convenience to Muslim travelers around the world.
As fact and figure, Islam is the second largest religion with around 1.6 billion followers which is 23.2% of the world's population and expected to grow to 26.5% of the world's population by 2030.

With that figure, we can conclude that there are a lot of Muslim travelers out here travelling across the continents to spend their money. That is what each nation wants, having tourists spend their money in their respective country to contribute to their Gross National Income (GNI).

Tourism sector is the best back-up economic plan for all countries, methinks.
Just look at UAE, they realized that their oil is going to finish soon that they immediately develop Dubai to become one of the most top destinations in the world. 
Nowadays, everybody knows what Dubai is. It is a freaking rich city located at the Arab Peninsular. Same goes to Doha, Qatar. 

Back to the topic, in order to make any destination convenient to Muslim traveler; the local government or authority must provide some basic facilities to them.

First of all, prayer room. As I mentioned earlier, we must perform obligatory five times daily prayer.
Yes, for travelers we can combine the prayer into three since Islam is not going to burden its devotees. But still, we need an easy access to clean and quiet place to perform our worship.

And then, of course we need halal restaurant for halal food and beverage. In Islam, it is forbidden to eat pork and consume alcoholic drinks. Therefore, as Muslim we desperately need affordable halal restaurant or else we will bring instant noodle from our hometown and spend less money in your country. Haha.

Other than that, in order to be a Muslim-friendly destination; security is also one of the important elements. Acceptance of the local society especially in non-Muslim countries towards Muslim traveler must be assured. If we are being discriminated there, we will never visit your country again and please bare in mind that in 2020, the number of Muslim tourists is projected to increase to 150 million visitors which worth $200 billion to the economy. Imagine what you are going to lose.

Every year, MasterCard and CrescentRating will release MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index. The one that I am going to share this time is the 2015 version.
I will list the top 10 countries together with their respective score in the travel index.

10. Morocco [64.4]

9. Singapore [65.1]

8. Jordan [66.4]

7. Oman [66.7]

6. Indonesia [67.5]

5. Qatar [68.2]

4. Saudi Arabia [71.3]

3. United Arab Emirates [72.1]

2. Turkey [73.8]

1. Malaysia [83.8]