Apr 2, 2016

Muslim Scholars. This is unbelievable! (Part 1)

ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, etc. are all lead to Islamophobia among the western people. Muslims are being discriminated in the western countries due to the act of terror by some extremist groups. Some said, the so-called terrorist groups are false flags created by the western superpower itself. But, I don't want to come up with any speculation in my blog.

I just want to focus on jihad in the field of knowledge instead of warfare like what is happening in some Muslim countries. Yup, it's true that we should protect our religion and our country but sometimes killing the innocent civilians will just make us even weaker. We need those innocent civilians to show the world what Islam is capable of instead of killing them like in some of the Middle Eastern countries due to political crisis. In addition to that, having strong fundamental element in our life which is education enables us to protect our religion and country.

Previous semester, I took a subject called Islam, Knowledge, and Civilization since it is a university required course in IIUM. We have to study and memorize the background of Muslim scholars like Al-Khawarizmi, Al-Biruni, Al-Kindi, etc.. Unfortunately, non of the questions during my final exam were asking about the biography and contributions of those scholars. Since, I memorized five scholars prior to the final exam I think I should share it somewhere else since I didn't have the chance to write about them on my answer sheets. Haha.

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