Don't worry, spiders,
I keep house

- Kobayashi Issa ( translated by Robert Hass)

When I was in secondary school while studying a poem, I look forward to the brief analysis of the poem by my Literature in English teacher. Yes, I took the subject for my SPM back in 2012.

When reading a poem, we are like reading an empty or meaningless passage which sometimes made me annoyed. We understand the sentences but we can't get anything or any message from those sentences. Imagine that! Haha.

Just like the poem I'm sharing in this entry, it has its own meaning. A very beautiful one indeed by Kobayashi Issa. It's too short that made that Haiku (Japanese poem) a very deep one.

Kobayashi Issa.
source: alchetron.com
This particular poem was introduced to me by a great director and filmmaker, late Yasmin Ahmad. I love all of her movies and tv commercials since it is really close to the society. Her works touched on issues that are relevant to us, not some random fantasy poor girl getting married to rich fellow.

late Yasmin Ahmad.
source: says.com
I watched her video delivering a speech during Ted Talks on You Tube back in 2009. I love every single message she left for us to ponder upon. Even though her movies were condemned by some "higher-up" people, but they are so meaningful to us.

During the speech, she mentioned about this particular poem by Kobayashi Issa.
She made a joke about this guy talking about spiders as if nothing better left to say, that guy must've love spiders a lot. Haha.

Then, she realized that the poem is not only about the spiders. It is about us human-being who care and love of something as small as spider. Imagine if we live in a world where everyone cares and loves weak and poor people.

If only all of those who are "up there" with power and authority have this kind of mentality in which those who are powerless should be their main priority. Unfortunately, not many of them willing to serve for somebody lower but prefer to please their superiors instead.

Yeah, after all, those who are weak and poor can't do much for them in return.

deep one.
source: youtube.com

Till then.