The Great Lab Summer Workshop 2016

I just returned from Penang attending  4-day The Great Lab Summer Workshop 2016 (TGL 2016) organized by CREST. TGL 2016 was held at the Crest Office, Sains@USM, Bayan Lepas, Penang from 21st until 24th  July 2016.

Representatives from companies, CREST staffs, and mentors with all
participants of TGL 2016.
source: CREST R&D Talent Development fb page
The Great Lab (TGL) is an initiative by CREST to introduce students to the Electrical & Electronics (E&E) industry and on top of the summer workshop, there is also TGL Industry Challenge which consists of real industry problems. Students will work in a team to prepare technical proposals for the industry challenge and present the ideas to the panel of judges from the industry such as Intel, Altera, Vitrox, and UST Global.

Enough on TGL, a little introduction about CREST.
CREST stands for Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science, & Technology and it was formed as the catalyst for Malaysia's E&E. CREST will accelerate Malaysia's economic growth by creating a vibrant R&D ecosystem for E&E industry, and bring together Industry-Academia for collaborative R&D.

CREST logo.

I have introduced both CREST and TGL, so I hope everybody especially Malaysian is aware of the existence of both entities so that we know where to go when it comes to collaborative efforts between university and industry.

During TGL 2016, all of us spent the whole four days with the great people from the industry. We were forced to stay awake from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m to be with them. Haha. We gained a lot of useful inputs in preparing ourselves before entering the industry workforce especially in E&E sector. Penang is known as the heart of E&E for Malaysia and hence we had the opportunities to meet with representatives from various great companies.

companies in collaboration with CREST for TGL.
Besides, we also had a special session with young Malaysian engineers who are currently successful in their respective company. Some are working in the industry and some are with the academia conducting research projects. The participants asked a lot of questions to the young engineers hoping we can follow their footsteps. It was a really meaningful session motivating us to be like them working in big multinational companies such as Intel and Altera.

The sessions that most of us looking forward to was technical workshop in preparing ourselves for the industry challenge. We have to build a prototype based on the ideas that each team has finalized. Then, we need to present our ideas with prototype to the judges from the industry.

There were four tracks for both technical workshop and industry challenge which are Track 1 (Intel Galileo), Track 2 (Intel MinnowMax), Track 3 (UST Global Software), and Track 4 (Arduino). The industry challenge mostly will be based on the technical workshop and the problem statement provided by each company.

I was in Track 3 which was software track with UST Global. They thought a lot about web programming and hybrid method on developing a mobile application using intel xdk or microsoft visual studio. The technical workshop was very useful for me as a Computer Science student.

As for the industry challenge, my team was assigned to develop an idea based on qr code or barcode scanner by creating a tagging application. Frankly speaking, the time given for us was not enough since we finalized our idea at 9.15 p.m. and we have to pitch the idea on the next morning. Just like procrastinating our final project or assignment, we had no choice but to burn the midnight oil. Fortunately, UST Global told us that prototype is not compulsory, they want us to concentrate on our ideas.

We did our best even though I accidentally slept early that night and rushed to finish the slide in the morning. Two teams were selected as the best two projects from each track. We managed to get 1st runner-up for the software track. Yihaa! We could have won it if we have more time for the prototype. Haha.
EZSafe ftw!

My team.
Two from IIUM & UPM, and another one from UniMAP.

Till then.


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