Public Transports Under Construction in Kuala Lumpur

I went to Tokyo, Japan last summer, one of the cities in the world with excellent public transportation systems. Exploring the whole city was very convenient with help from well-integrated railway networks across the metropolitan region.

 In addition to friendly society, the public transports in Tokyo encourage me to revisit the city in the future. The reason is that I can control my budget since travelling by train is not only fast but cheap at the same time. Planning my itinerary for my trip to Tokyo was quick, thanks to their metro systems.

When visiting other countries, I learn from what's good in those countries and try to bring back home those positivities. At the same time, I tend to be so thankful when visiting other less developed countries since we have escaped problems that they are struggling with. These two are some of the inputs I gained when travelling overseas other than their authentic foods. Hiks.

Me being a patriot, migration is the last option for me. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "You must be the change you wish to see in this world". Thus, it is unfair if I am comparing Malaysia with some highly developed countries and migrating there simply because those countries are much better. My principle is that I should work together in making Malaysia even better than those developed countries and avoiding the mistakes done by failed countries. That's it.

Since our leaders are aware of the importance of public transport, a lot of projects are running around Kuala Lumpur to cater growing urban population. Traffic is getting worse every year according to my parents who have been working in KL since the 1990s. Hence, public transport could overcome the bottleneck and of course the citizens should also make full use of the facilities. We must be the change instead of just complaining, let's use public transport in KL!

Below are the public transportation projects under construction.

LRT Line 3

LRT 3 Alignment 


MRT SSP Line Alignment

KTM Skypark Line

KTM Skypark Line Alignment

Future Rail Integration in Klang Valley
Future Klang Valley Rail Integration System