Feb 9, 2018

Muslim Scholars. This is unbelievable! (Part 2)

I'm back active again on my blog finishing all the drafts that have been left abandoned for quite some time now.
My aim this time is to continue my previous post about the Muslim Scholars back then who did a lot of breakthroughs, especially in Science and Mathematics.

For this entry, I am going to share another three scholars who made a lot of contributions in Science and Mathematics. Their contributions led to what we have and studying today. They contributed a lot to Islam and the whole mankind. This is what we seek for in the Muslim World instead of fighting over power that later becomes an excuse for the Western superpowers like USA and Russia to interfere with national sovereignty. 


His full name was Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Abul-Rayham Al-Biruni. He was born in Haran, Syria in 973AD. His productions exceed 146 titles in more than 20 different disciplines ranging from astronomy to mathematics, mathematical geography, religion, and philosophy. However, a large portion of his works were mathematical-related disciplines which consist of 96 titles. Out of all works that Al-Biruni worked on, only 22 works survived and only 13 works have been published.

Two books of Al-Biruni that can be highlighted here which are Al-Qanun al-Mas'udi (astronomical encyclopedia) and Tahdid (the demarcation of coordinates of cities).

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