Finally Graduated

Dear all,

2019 has been great for me achieving all the important milestones of my life. Earned my bachelor's degree, secured the first job, and got married to the love of my life. It all happened within this wonderful year.

Before stepping into 2020, I'll be sharing my gratitude to those involved throughout my undergraduate journey.

Earning a degree is everyone's dream and on 25th November 2019, it was my turn for it to come true. I was also announced as the Best Student (Academic) for my faculty and listed on the Rector's List. Alhamdulillah.

After SPM, I decided to pursue either Computer Science, Accounting, or Architecture. I was offered to do foundation in IIUM and straight away decided to focus on ICT. And then later, a degree in Computer Science.

Throughout my foundation and degree years, I attended various ICT-related events to build my passion in the field including some innovative competitions which definitely developed both my technical and soft skills. At one point, I was also assigned to develop a system for my university together with 4 other teammates. This opportunity gave us some sneak peek on how working life will be.
EzyAduan Project Sign-off Meeting

What a journey I had back then and I am thankful for the opportunities. Credit to everyone in IIUM, KICT, CREST, RSD, MCMC, CFSIIUM, MBSSKL, SKAD, and others for the platforms to develop myself. To my family, especially my parents thank you for your support all this while. Besides, I found my life's partner in IIUM, making it even more meaningful for me.

1st Prize Winner of CREST's
TGL Grand Design Challenge 2016
(university track)

With MCMC colleagues in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
during internship

One with my wife

The support system, family

At the end of the day, this success is yet the end. It just opened the door to the next stage of life with many more opportunities and challenges. We have to keep moving forward.

Till then. 🙋🏻‍♂